What you can do with Veloice

We're always working and building our product. Watch out for more!

Custom call flows

This service allows you to administer telecom environment and set how each call is handled by your system. It enables your organization’s efficiency by setting up multiple phones and extensions, and their order. In other words, lets you decide and fix how any interim or inkling call is answered or transferred.


Call Scheduling

Schedule, block-off time, open availability in real time. Route your call through different options and stay in touch with your customers, sales team, officers or patrons.

DIY Call Flows

A smart system that optimizes your self-service functionality. Lets you design call flows, transfer calls directly and share voicemail messages with the team.

Interactive Menus

Easily setup menus, direct calls automatically and help your customers save time by directing the call to the right agent.

Call center / PBX

Cost effective, easy to manage and always up – these functionalities simplify call management with hosted PBX, predictive dialer, and real time reporting.



Safely record all the outgoing and incoming conversations for training, compliance, record keeping, and quality purposes.

Music On Hold

Don’t waste the precious time when your customers call. Inform them about new promotions, latest trends, or sooth their spirits with gentle music.

Black Listing

Take out unnecessary elements from your system to save your time and resources on unwanted calls.

Time of the day

VoIP feature that allows smooth operation at multiple geographical locations by routing calls on the basis of operating hours.


Reduce unnecessary expense of face-to-face meetings by setting up conferences from your office and hold calls with multiple participants.


Dial In

Let your team connect to your conference by dialing a local number and PIN to enter conference.

Dial Out

Save your time, by scheduling conferences. Our System will automatically call all the numbers reducing time wastage.


Advanced integration to extend multiple telephony functions, 360° customer view, click to dial, and call wrap features.


CTI Integration

Unify network management, authenticate callers, provide IVRs, manage conferences, and make your telephony services as personalized as possible.

Click to Call

Increase your website engagement with this ready-made solution that allows customers to call you directly from their computer.


Use the latest response management system to deploy multi-platform, multi-location advertising campaigns that enhance your brand visibility.


Missed Call Campaign

Get country specific local call numbers to generate leads, run surveys and feedbacks, get new user activations, and run contests.

Voice Campaign

Scale your operations and reach out to your customers with voice recorded messages.

Survey Campaign

Extend reach to large masses, customize scheduling, unbiased responses and faster data analysis.

SMS Campaign

Send promotional messages, bulk announcements, and event updates to engage the customer base.

Beyond Calls

Expand your business influence beyond geographical reach.


Text Messaging

Send transactional or 2-way sms, short and long codes, and alerts to keep your customers informed.

CRM / Caller Timeline

Store and update customers’ history to profile their requirements and initiate proactive marketing.

Voice Mail

Organize missed calls and business-related announcements directly from the platform.

Mobile Tracking

Know where are employees/customers/team members are and the best way/time to reach to them.